Working with Smoke

Working With Smoke04

Smoking is a great technique to get flavour profile and depth into dishes that you don’t necessarily want to grill or char.

Smoking food is a surprisingly simple process and once you get the hang of it, you will be smoking everything you can get your hands on!

This method can be used to smoke a variety of produce from meats and shellfish, to vegetables, and even cream and yoghurt.

Food smoking step-by-step:

Working With Smoke02

The technique of smoking is generally achieved with smoking chips, which are available in most cooking or barbecue shops, however at Wood Fire Grill we like the distinct flavour of the ironbark we cook with every day, so we use logs straight from the fire.

Place the food to be smoked into a suitable container that will fit into a larger heatproof dish. For dairy or shellfish, place the container on a tray of ice to keep it cool throughout the process.

Have the glad wrap ready to go and make sure there is good ventilation or an exhaust fan in the prep area.

Working With Smoke03

Place the log from the fire into the large container and then pour water over the log. This will create a mass of smoke so work quickly to wrap the container and trap the smoke inside. Check to make sure it is airtight.

Leave wrapped for approximately 20 minutes, or until the smoke clears within the container.

Once unwrapped, the food should have a beautiful smoky smell and taste and may also have a slightly brownish hue in colour.

You can then carry on preparing the rest of your dish.

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