Wagyu Roasted Hassleback Potatoes, Confit Garlic and Butter Parmesan

Blog Wagyu Roasted Hassleback Potatoes Confit Garlic Butter Parmesan

We love a meaty share plate at Wood Fire Grill, and the best side to any meaty dish is the good old potato. Our Wagyu Roasted Potatoes are one of the most popular sides on our menu, so we thought we would share some insight as to why these crispy gems are oh so tasty!

We use chat potatoes and thinly slice them but stop 3\4 of the way through the potato so there are a series of cuts across the top of the potato. This allows for the goodness of the wagyu juices and fresh herbs to soak through and flavour the potatoes beautifully.

The potatoes are topped with fresh rosemary and thyme which comes straight from Maravista Farm, which produces ingredients especially for the Ogilvie Group’s venues which includes Wood Fire Grill.

The potatoes are then roasted in beef fat which is made from NSW Rangers Valley wagyu rump and sirloin. The juices from the beef are rendered down and passed through a fine filter to give a clear golden fat ready to roast with.

They are baked in a hot oven until golden brown, crispy and cooked to perfection. The wagyu fat gives a meaty flavour to the potato along with making them super crispy, while the fresh herbs, butter and garlic intensify the creamy texture of the chat potatoes.

Topped with a healthy spoonful of herbs and garlic butter, the potatoes are then ready to enjoy! Once you try these for yourself, you’ll soon be back for more!


Hope to see you soon!
Chef Marcus Denby