Matt Sinclair dishes it up at Wood Fire Grill!

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Elena may have taken home the MasterChef Australia 2016 title, but Matt Sinclair is still a culinary champion in our eyes!

We have had the pleasure of having Matt, MasterChef Australia’s runner-up, training in our Wood Fire Grill and Rickys’ kitchen for the past few months. Both teams loved having his fun loving nature and passion for food in the kitchen and can’t wait to have him back!

As part of Matt’s ‘training’, we had him dish up some answers to a few questions to share with you:


How did your passion for cooking begin?

Initially through my Grandparents. My parents worked a lot so I spent a fair bit of time with my Grandparents, helping them cook in the kitchen, and I have always worked in hospitality and had a curiosity for what is happening in the kitchen. Quite a few of my friends are chefs and I have always been really interested in their dishes and keen to learn from them.  

How did you end up on MasterChef?

My mate Jeremiah Jones encouraged me to go on the show. David, the General Manager of Wood Fire Grill and Rickys had previously been involved in the show and Jeremiah heard a bit about it through him and encouraged me to apply.

What was one of the key things you learned while training at Wood Fire Grill?

Working a service. Being in the MasterChef kitchen and knocking up one dish within a set time period is completely different to working in a service kitchen. Jeremiah has helped me to get my head around working a service, which is a skill I need for my own future endeavours.

What did you enjoy most about your time at Wood Fire Grill?

Working with a great team. Jeremiah and the team at Wood Fire Grill treated me like a part of their family from day one.  

What dish is a ‘must try’ at Wood Fire Grill?

The lamb shoulder! This is Wood Fire’s flagship dish – the go to. The lamb shoulder is one dish that will never go off the menu.

What would you bring to a BBQ?

Marinated butterfly chicken for sure.

Last meal?

Crispy skin pork belly with a fiery green papaya salad – yum! 

What’s next? 

A stall at the Eat Street Markets in Brisbane – and then having a shot at building the catering side of our business.

When will you be back?

I’ll be back in Noosa with my family and friends soon to prepare for the kick off of our Eat Street Markets stall in Brisbane… and as for Wood Fire Grill, I’m hoping to be back in the kitchen really soon for a very exciting and delicious event!  


We wish Matt all the best with his newest conquest at the Eat Street Night Markets in Hamilton, Brisbane. Matt will be serving South East Asian street food, which he plans to evolve into a food truck and catering brand. We’ll miss having Matt around the kitchen but it won’t be long until he is back to serve some of your favourite meaty treats from the grill. Watch this space as we have some very exciting opportunities coming up for you to meet Matt in person and enjoy his delicious cooking for yourself.